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Is Contemporary Art Considered Art?

March 16, 2017

You can either hate it or love it, but a lot of people have very strong opinions regarding modern art. Most of them do not even agree with how it is defined – it ranges from painting to a physical object, to dance or simply an idea. Today, you can even see a blank canvas put up on a wall, and they even call it “art” complete with a very sophisticated title and an amazing description behind it.

Artists express themselves through art. It is a way for them for conveying their original ideas and ways that are thought to provoke. To others, they do not see this really as “art,” particularly the ones with the blank canvas. They see this as a way to make money like arranging various objects on a plain table then name it as “life.” These days, mainstream see modern art as the new “cool,” with so many galleries popping out one after another all over the world wherein they promote this kind of art. These galleries usually have some fees if you want to gain entry, but luckily if there is a museum near you, you can just enter there, take a look at the modern art and leave without spending a dime.

Some youths have shared their views about the taking of modern art in today’s society. And they even share how it is even amazing and entertaining for them looking at weirdly shaped or position sculptures in these galleries. However, it doesn’t mean to say that these exhibits are pointless. Some of them are really that cool. They share their view that they are more interesting to look at compared to paintings in history, such as the one in Medieval times.

With all these said, you can see where all the hate is coming from and aimed at modern art. Some of you might say that these pieces are not thought to provoke at all, especially when you take a look at a row of bricks piled up at the center of the room. What’s more, it is the only piece you will ever see there. There are also times wherein the room comes with a hanging piece of an alight bulb or ones like the blank canvas that has only a single black line drawn onto it. Such artworks could make you think that you could’ve done it. Just imagine that you can paint a single dot at the center of the canvas and sell it for a crazy amount of money, all because your signature is on it. Many youths do get the meaning why it is done this way, but they also wonder if ever there is a limit to it.

However, no matter how some people hate it, maybe it is because that modern art these days stirs off that kind of feeling inside you that makes it all the more significant and worthwhile. Also known as contemporary art, it raises a very important question: what constitutes art? Many answers abound this question. This can either be music, dance, poetry, etc. Others will say it is about self-expression. Some would automatically think about the classical painters such as Raphael, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.

Whatever your definition of art is, it is a good day for most people that they can go to galleries, observe every art they see being displayed inside and come out from it with their own opinion regarding what the art is about. There is no need for you to waste your money too much just to get it easy over the internet. It is not even worth it if the art is just an image you look at the monitor. At least, most of these galleries and museums are free to enter.